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Monday, August 6, 2012

Enlarging Harem

Dude, if he's THAT big in real life he must be be skewering girls left and right! rotflmfao.
Been watching all the Chris Evans movies I can get my hands on lately. Most recent one being What's Your Number? He's naked a LOT in that one, though you only ever get to see his ass. Still worth the rental fee though for that alone, but the story/plot was good too. You can thank all the Captain America fanfiction I've been reading for that. I look at one fic, turns out to be good, then it starts a whole snowball effect and the next thing you know-BOOM! Yet another name to add to my growing list of my fictional bishounen harem members. (Harem is fictional, some members are too, but some members are actual people.)
Did you know he was the jock in Not Another Teen Movie and the Human Torch in the Fantastic Four movies? If so, kudos. If not, don't feel bad, I forgot too!
Not much else to say. Found some funny pics that I thought I'd share:
LOL. Poor Matt

 Presidential Hair