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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Just watched the first Bleach movie on YouTube, as I only got to see parts of it when it was on Cartoon Network. SPOILER: The ending made me cry a little. I hope Senna comes back in some shape or form. Maybe she is reincarnated? Dunno. END SPOILER. Planning on watching the next ones within the following days, though it may take me longer. Real life always tend to get in the way of funner anime/manga, fanfiction, video games, movies, TV, etc. I also hope to watch Rise of the Planet of the Apes with my husband by the end of the week, providing I can pull him away from watching WWE and his horror movie marathon.
In other news, I also recently watched an adorable Japanese movie, Rabbit Drop, on YouTube. I tried finding it on Amazon first, but it's not listed on the Englsih speaking site. So I was forced to settle for watching over the Internet on my monitor instead of on my sizably larger HGTV. Anyways, the movie has Kenichi Matsuyama (AKA: L in the live action Death Note movies) as one of the lead roles, so you know it has to be at least somewhat decent to watch by that fact alone. So if you like Matsu-Ken (Kenichi's childhood nickname), Japanese films, and don't subtitles, I'd HIGHLY recommend watching it. (See below.)

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