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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

It lives!

So it turns out I'm not dead...yet. Which, to me and anyone who actually follows this, is a good thing. Hmm...what to say next?

Well, my husband plans on taking me to the Steel City Con in April to see Brent Spiner and Nicholas Brendon. *SQUEE!* I get to meet Data and Xander! *Insert happy dance.* So if you plan on attending maybe we'll bump into each other?

Rented Thor: the Dark World a week or so ago and have been on a Loki/Tom Hiddleston kick since. Mostly spending my free time reading Loki/OC fanfics and watching Tom Hiddleston interviews on YouTube. I particularly enjoy the ones where he does impersonations and/or dances. I've also made it a point to add any and all of his available movies to my Netflix list. (Something I do for all actors/actresses I particularly enjoy.)
OH! I also saw The Lego Movie last weekend with my husband and mother-in-law. Good times, but now I have "Everything is Awesome" running through my head over and over. T_T' Just makes me want to bust out my copy of Lego City: Undercover and play some more.

Did anyone else FREAK OUT when they watched Once Upon a Time this week? Not only is Rumple still alive, but the connection between the Wicked Witch and Evil Queen was shocking to say the least. Not as shocking as Peter Pan being Rumple's father, but a surprise none the less. (Felt like a pedophile being so attracted to Pan but was relieved when I found out the actor who played him, Robbie Kay, is 18.)

Speaking of surprises, this week's Teen Wolf and The Walking Dead episodes were shockers as well! I did NOT see either of those plot twists coming. I knew someone was supposed to die in Teen Wolf, as they teased it, but I didn't expect the person to die would be Alison. She was one of the main characters! Her poor father, loosing another family member to such tragedy...

I knew Lizzie had a few screws loose, but DANG! It's also a good thing for Carol that Tyreese is so forgiving. Though considering how he reacted to Karen's murder when it first happened I'm surprised he didn't just off Carol the second she told him the truth. Maybe his forgiveness was meant to show how he's grown as a person, or maybe he figures he still needs Carol's help to survive. Dunno...

Can't think of much else to say here, so for now I think I'll go.