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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fun Times

So I went with my husband to this ROH wrestling event near Pittsburgh on Saturday so he could get Bruno Sammartino's autograph. Well, aside from it being two and a half hours away from where where we live we also had to drive in over 90°F weather with no AC. Next we got lost for half an hour because MapQuest is incompetent and the Ice Gardens's sign was near in-freak'n-visable from the road it's on. To top it off by the time we got back to our car (around midnight) we find that our battery is dead. JOY.
So we go in to get a jump from the employees and they assure us that they'll help and to just go back outside and wait by our car. So we do so and we wait for 45 minutes while everyone else is leaving the event, stupidly believing that we'd get our promised help, until we notice them close up shop and lock-down the place. *Insert tirade of swear words.* Now, being left to fend on our own we end up having to call a tow-truck to jump start us. It takes the truck 25 minutes to get there then another 30+ to finally get enough juice in our engine for it to start.
Finally back on the road we end up back near home only to get lost again because it's dark and North Lima supposedly doesn't believe in clearly marking their roads with stuff like street signs. So we wonder around the country side for what seems like an eternity until we see a road we think might be the one we need, even though it's not marked, and finally return home by 2AM. We shower, brush our teeth and whatnot and finally manage to get in bed by 4AM. Needless to say that autograph better be damn well worth it to my husband for all the shit we had to endure just to get it.
 A day or two passes and then we're up for round two. We moved into our current house around the beginning of last November and have been unable to get rid of our old house in the ghetto (because that's what Youngstown's south side is) thus far. My mother-in-law (who we've lived with for the past 6+ years) goes to the old house to mow the lawn and finds the front door wide open. Lovely. So, fearing that their might be some gang-bangers or drug addicts inside she drives the four or so blocks to her ex-husband's house (my husband's father) to get his help. He's not home so she calls the cops and they inspect the house. Nobody was there, they tell her, but all the stuff we'd left there had been gone through and the electric meter was broken off and MIA. (Who the freak steals an electric meter from a house? SERIOUSLY! How the heck did they even bust it off to begin with?) Long story short my mother-in-law ends up using some old fence posts to board up the house untill she can get something more stable.
Round three came last night when we had a tornado warning from around 10-11:45PM then again from like around Midnight-1:30AM. Needless to say the cat and dog were about as much thrilled with this as us humans were. My mother-in-law was particularly happy seeing as she had to be at work today around 6AM. Fun times were had by all. (Not the sarcasm in that last sentence.)
So now I'm stuck waiting to see what fun filled event God has in plan for us next whilst I work on completing my makeup work for my Medieval England history class. Yet another fun time I'm having. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find primary resources, let alone ones written/translated into English, on the Church's distaste for jousting in England between the 12th and 14th centuries? Dang near freak'n impossable, unless you wanna fork over ≥$50USD to buy them online.
Edit: Oh yeah, and stupid Blogger is screwing around with the size of the text in this post, even though I've tried resetting it to normal size about half a dozen times now. Gerr...

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