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Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Drove over an hour away to Cleveland to see 9:30PM showing of Return to Nuke 'Em High the other day with my husband and our friend Renee. Husband ended up winning a lithograph signed by the director and cast members and a photo of the director that he signed. Also got pics taken with director and Toxic Avenger, so that was cool.
Tried going to get coffee afterwards but nowhere was open, we even hit three potholes and as a result had to refill one of the front tires with air. Gas station we filled the tire at was tagged with butt-loads of graffiti and sold bowls and other drug paraphernalia which made us feel über safe. So now the car might need a new tire. Joy.
^Out reaction to the gas station.^
Anyway...Saw some previews for a few movies that looked good: Bad Words, Under the Skin, Cheap Thrills, Short Peace, and my fave by far--Only Lovers Left Alive. Planning on seeing it with a friend hopefully by the end of the month.

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